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Your donation to the Verna Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Foundation allows us to continue to deliver quality programs to our students. A unique aspect of the Kirkness Program is that we do not ask for the student’s grades. Selection is based on the student’s essay which is their opportunity to talk about what they would like to do after completing grade 12 and how the Kirkness Program would help them make a choice regarding post secondary studies. Successful applicants will have their meals, accommodations and travel expenses covered.


All donors will receive a tax receipt. Our Charity Number is 82284 3629 RR 0001.
100% Of Donations are used to fund the Verna J. Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Program.
None of these funds are used for administrative purposes and all administrative functions are provided by volunteers.

Ways to donate

1.Mail your Donation 

Mail to: Dr. Ronald J. Woznow, Chair 

The Verna J. Kirkness Education Foundation

3623 Marine Avenue Powell River, BC V8A 2H5

2. Click the button below to make a donation online

Our Partners


University of Manitoba

In addition to providing financial support, Deans Beddoes, Halden, and Whitmore and Associate Dean Joannie Halas have facilitated the participation of the following faculty for the Program: Drs. Rotima Aluko, Nancy Ames, Subramanian Balakrishnan, Nazim Cicek, Annemieke Farenhorst, Kevin Fraser, James Friel, Norman Halden, Randy Herrmann, Witold Kinsner, Ayush Kumar, Juliette Mammei, Michele Piercey-Normore, Liz Ready and Barbara Sharanowski. Dr. Annemieke Farenhorst chairs the Program’s Faculty Advisory Committee. She holds the NSERC Chair For Women in Science and Engineering (Prairie Region). Deborah Young, Executive Lead Indigenous Achievement, Office of the President provides liaison with the President’s Office and sits on the Program Advisory Committee.


University of British Columbia

In addition to the financial support from Deans John Innes, Marc Parlange and Simon Peacock the following faculty served as mentors for the 2016 Verna J. Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Program: Drs. Joerg Bohlmann, Harry Brumer, Julie Cool, Lori Daniels, Erik Eberhardt, Sue Grayston, Jennifer Love, John Bass, Madjid Mohseni, Sheryl Staub-French and Pierre Bérubé. The Program was facilitated by Dr. Ian Caver (Science) Dr. Elizabeth Croft (Applied Science) and Andrea Lyall (Forestry).

University of Saskatchewan

In addition to providing financial support, Dr. Patti McDougall,Vice-Provost, has facilitated the participation of the following faculty members: Drs. Andrew Allen, Duncan Cree, Sean Maw, Rick Retzlaff, Alison Oates, Louise Humbert, Leah Ferguson, and Marta Erlandson and from the Canadian Light Source Dr. Robert Blythe and Tracy Walker


Frontier School Division

In addition to providing in kind support, the Division is playing an active role in promoting the Program with other school divisions. Mr. Tyson MacGillivray, Assistant Superintendent, is President and a Board member and also chairs the Program’s School Advisory Committee.


Indigenous Student Centre

University of Manitoba

The Indigenous Student Centre is dedicated to the creation of an educational environment that includes the affirmation of Indigenous cultures, values, languages, history, and way of life by virtue of increasing the knowledge foundation offered at the University of Manitoba.


Since 2009 the following organizations and individuals have provided financial support to the foundation: