Mentors for Queen University

Please take note of your top 3 mentors/programs. You will list them in order of preference when you will out the application form. Projects are designed specifically for Kirkness Program scholars. If you want more information on the mentors each University website has detailed descriptions for each professor.

NOTE: We will try and match each student’s preference but this is not always possible. The sooner you apply the better chance you have of getting your research preference. Applicants must be prepared to work in any laboratory and University that they are assigned to.

Dr. Amy Wu

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Dr. Wu’s research is at the intersection of human locomotion and robotics. Students will learn mechatronics skills, including the use of rapid fabrication tools, to develop simple legged robots.

Dominik Barz

Chemical Engineering

We develop novel electrochemical energy storage systems such as batteries and supercapacitors (partl) from graphene. Graphene is single layer carbon molecule which has much better properties than regular carbon materials, commonly called a supermaterial.

Laurent Beland

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

The students will use supercomputers to study materials with the goal of improving environment-friendly energy generation. This is also know as Computational Materials Science

Claire Davies

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

We work with end-users to develop and design the assistive technology they need to interact and communicate effectively.

Muhammad Alam

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Naophotonics focuses on developing technologies for controlling the propagation of light at nanometer scale, and is useful for applications ranging from medical imaging and diagnosis, renewable energy to high-speed communication. Students will learn how nanophotonic devices are designed and implemented. 

Shideh Ameri

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Click here to view more information about Dr. Shideh Ameri

Praveen Jain

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Click here to view more information about Dr. Praveen Jain

Mark Daymond & Team of 5

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Student will test the strength of materials using physical and radioactive tests. They will also learn how lasers are used to modify materials.

Tim Bryant

Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Click here to view more information about Dr. Tim Bryant

Geoffrey Hall

Beaty Water Research Centre

Student will learn about passive and naturalized treatment of wastewater.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in laboratory work and possibly field assessment of treatment in waste stabilization ponds and constructed wetlands.

Pascale Champagne

Beaty Water Research Centre

Students will learn about the use of algae as precursors to the production of biofuels.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in laboratory work where algae are grown and processed for usable products.

Carlos Saavedra

Electrical and Computer Engineering

For students who are interested in learning about and experimenting with broadcasting technology.  Participants will build a radio transmitter using transistors and learn how to make an antenna for over-the-air television reception.  The week will conclude with a visit to Queen's University's student-run radio station, CRFC, 101.9 FM.

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