The Verna Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Foundation is pleased to bring to you a library of resources that will help you to understand what life at university is like. You will find links to different resources along the way, as well as informative videos that will provide an interesting insight into the opportunities that UBC has to offer. 


As you work your way through the links and videos on this page, you might have question about some of what you saw. Our ambassadors are students like you who have gone through our program before and will be able to help you with your question. Click the button below to reach an ambassador


Links to UBC Resources 

The following links will allow you to explore some of cool opportunities that UBC has for indigenous students. Visit the UBC Indigenous portal to learn about  UBC's commitment to Indigenous Engagement or check out the First Nations and Indigenous Studies page to learn about the internationally recognized research of the FNIS Faculty.  Hover over each box to learn more

First Nations and Indigenous Studies

FNIS faculty are recognized both nationally and 

internationally for their cutting... 

UBC Campus Virtual Tour & Residence Information

The Virtual Campus Tours provide a real life look at both UBC campus locations. You can also have a look at the Residence Pages to learn more about living on campus at UBC.  

Hours Volunteered

UBC Vidoes

Checkout some of the videos below to learn more about some UBC Programs and also to learn more about the Verna Kirkness Program at UBC

Geering Up Informational Video

Learn more about the UBC Geering Up Program 

Geering Up Community Outreach

Learn more about the UBC Geering Up Program 

The Verna Kirkness Program at UBC

Listen to the students and mentors talk about their experience at the program 

Interview with David Colins

Listen to David Colins talk about the program

Student Interviews

Click on the videos below to listen to some past students speak about their experience with the program