Mentors for The University of Victoria, Victoria BC

Please take note of your top 3 mentors/programs. You will list them in order of preference when you will out the application form. Projects are designed specifically for Kirkness Program scholars. If you want more information on the mentors each University website has detailed descriptions for each professor.

NOTE: We will try and match each student’s preference but this is not always possible. The sooner you apply the better chance you have of getting your research preference. Applicants must be prepared to work in any laboratory and University that they are assigned to.

Dr. Yvonne Coady, Professor
Computer Sciences

Current research interests include mixed reality systems, citizen science, advanced modularity across the software stack and distributed clouds, and new programming paradigms and pedagogy for immersive applications.

Dr. Steve Evans, Associate Dean
Graduate Studies

All diseases and all disease therapies ultimately stem from a molecular basis. We use x-ray crystallography and other physical techniques to study the structures of molecules involved in disease with the goal of understanding how these molecules function to produce or inhibit disease states.

Dr. Karun Thanjavur, Senior Laboratory Instructor
Department of Physics and Astronomy

As an observational cosmologist, discovering new gravitational lenses and developing innovative techniques to harness them as observational tools are amongst my diverse research interests. As part of my doctoral thesis at UVic in 2009, I developed an automated technique to search for lenses in the wide field, pan-chromatic imaging. These explorations of the distant universe come after a full career as a mechanical engineer, specializing in control systems and robotics.

Dr. J. Michael Roney, Professor and Director of Canada’s Institute of Particle Physics
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Is your curiosity sparked by questions about the smallest building-blocks in Nature and the forces connecting them? Walk with these researchers on their path to discovering completely new things about the quantum universe. This is an awesome chance to get some hands-on experience with subatomic particle detectors, data analysis and radiation safety as you put together and perform amazing experiments. On the way, you will observe cosmic rays and explore properties of photons, electrons, quarks, neutrinos and Nature’s other quantum particles.

Dr. George Tzanetakis, Professor
Computer Sciences

The majority of my work focuses on the computer analysis of audio and music signals. It combines ideas from digital signal processing, machine learning, and human and computer interaction. I also love computer programming, shooting hoops, and playing music usually without using computers.

Dr. Jens H. Weber, Professor
Computer Sciences

Security engineering, medical informatics, requirements engineering, computational intelligence, data and knowledge engineering, software engineering. Research interests lie at the intersection of software engineering and health informatics.

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